Overview Edit


The Ultra Chip on a pedestal

Ultra chips can be randomly found throughout a run. Once a Weapon, Device or Probe has been leveled up to 3 via Core Upgrades, its final upgrade can be unlocked using a Ultra Chip, giving that specific item a powerful upgrade. For example, upgrading the Flamethrower with a Ultra Chip will make it so that the flames launched will scorch the ground where the flames land, dealing damage to any enemy bold enough to stay within the flames.

Ultra Chip Icon

The text that hovers over an Ultra Chip and the icon for it

Weapons Edit

  • Pulse Gun: The impulse wave can destroy bullets and cause blast damage
  • Laser Shotgun: The lasers knocks back normal enemies
  • Rebounding Laser: each rebound increase the damage dealt by a laser by 20
  • Sonic Impact: the sonic impact will repel enemies' bullets
  • Tesla Coil: the sparks will deal secondary splash damage to nearby enemies
  • Thermal Gun: will light enemies on fire
  • Flamethrower: The flames will now set the ground on fire, dealing fire damage
  • Beam Cannon: The laser can now pierce through normal enemies
  • Missile Launcher: The point of explosion will now catch on fire for a short time
  • Electric Gun: A fully charged shot will now release 2 bolts instead of 1

Probes Edit

  • Laser Burst: The burst will explode and cause sustained damage to enemies
  • Drill Gun: The drill will generate a fire trace
  • Comet Crush: The bomb's explosion will cause sustained damage to enemies
  • Gatling: The attack will push back normal enemies
  • Fish Sword: Each bullet will release a shock wave, slowing enemies hit
  • Thor Light: The electric current will chain to a second enemy nearby

Devices Edit

  • Floating Mine: The explosion will clear enemies' bullets
  • Force Field: Damage dealt to the Rover is reduced by 20% when in the Force Field
  • Void Grenade: The grenade will deal sustained damage to the enemies it captures
  • Lightning Barrier: The barrier will now reflect enemies' bullets
  • Thunderbolt Hoop: When the loops expire, they will shoot out Sparks
  • Flash Shock: effect is currently unknown, it's possible that it doesn't even have one at this time.
  • Blast Wave: The wave will slow down any enemies hit and deal sustained damage.
  • Simulator: ultra effect of the simulated device.
  • Shock Nova: The wave will deal sustained damage to enemies hit