ThunderBolt Hoop

Overview Edit

Thunderbolt Hoop is a Device that on use, will launch 1 to 3 hoops (depending on level) that will slowly move towards the launched direction. Each hoop is armed by an electric ring that will deal damage and destroy bullets. After a few seconds of being launched, the rings of electricity will reduce in size and finally expire after they have completely disappeared.

Tactics Edit

This Device is weak at first, but after it is leveled up it is MUCH better. This weapon can actually deal a lot of damage. There isn't really a bad way of using this Device, but keeping it for groups of Enemies or to remove big dangerous patches of bullets is probably the best use.

Level Bonuses Edit

Each Core Upgrade will grant this weapon:

  • +1 hoop launched
  • +2 damage

Upgrading this Device with a Ultra Chip will make the hoops shoot out Sparks every 0.5 second.

Notes Edit

  • This Device becomes significantly better once level 3 because of the 3 hoops.
  • This Device Greatly benefits from the Launcher, as the added range to the rings of electricity will make it easier to hit enemies and destroy bullets.
  • When a wave of bullets is suddenly coming towards Rover, using the Hoop can save a hit.

Trivia Edit

  • The current Ultra Upgrade was suggested by steam user Werti100.
  • Prior to Update 0.7.0 the Ultra Upgrade added the third hoop.
  • Prior to Update 0.7.1 The Ultra Upgrade would only make the hoops shoot out sparks when the they expire.