Overview Edit


Rover is the main protagonist of Rush Rover that the player controls while playing. It is a sentient mining robot, that, unlike the other robots, has not been "formatted". The other highly intelligent and powerful robots fight against Rover in an effort to rise to power. Rover has no motives other than to survive by collecting WeaponsProbe WeaponsAccessories.

Abilities Edit

Rover has multiple abilities that allow it to progress through levels efficiently and safely. It can boost, allowing it to dodge through projectiles, though the boost has a cooldown time before it can be used again. Rover can earn experience by destroying enemies and breaking Crates. Once enough experience has been earned, it will have access to a Core Upgrade, which can be used in the Upgrade Menu. Ultra Chips can be used in the Upgrade Menu to maximize a fully leveled Accessory, Probe or Weapon's potential. Rover can acquire items that it can equip and upgrade in the upgrade menu. Once a room has been cleared, Rover can use the transporter of that specific room, allowing it to instantly jump between cleared rooms.

Controls Edit

Rover can be moved by pressing the WASD keys. Holding LMB will shoot its current weapon, and pressing RMB will make Rover preform a boost. The Map can be accessed with Q and the player can transport with SPACEBAR. The upgrade menu can be accessed with E. Once the player has acquired an active item, they can press SPACEBAR to launch the item. The F key is used to pick up items, and the G key swaps the main weapon for the weapon in the spare slot.