Missile Launcher

Overview Edit

Missile Launcher is a Weapon, and on use will create a scanning area around the Rover. Enemies that enter the area will be targeted, and after a small interval, rockets will be launched at them.

Tactics Edit

Early on, this weapon can struggle a lot, the missile launcher has trouble keeping up with all the quick and homing enemies thrown at it. Though, later on, this weapon becomes very good, equipped with a Charger and a Ultra Chip, the player only has to hold LMB and worry about dodging. Against bosses, the player can maximize their damage by resetting the scanning area around them after a rocket is launched to increasing the weapon's attack speed.

Level Bonuses Edit

  • +4 ammo
  • -0.2 cooldown (rockets are launched faster)

Upgrading this weapon with a Ultra Chip will upgrade the missiles, making them set the area of explosion on fire.

Notes Edit

  • If the players find this weapon early on, he should leave it until his main weapon is level 3.
  • This weapon especially struggles with Enemy 23's drones early on. Though, after fully upgraded, it won't be a problem anymore.
  • Ammo Box will allow the Missile Launcher to target more enemies at the same time.
  • After a recent patch, this weapon 1 shots turrets and walls which can prove to be very useful.

Gameplay Edit

Missile Launcher Gameplay

Missile Launcher Gameplay