Environment Edit

While exploring, Rover will come across many objects. These objects are randomly generated. Here is a list of the things found in the procedural generated environment.

Crates Edit

Crates spawn in each room, usually between 2 and 6 crates. These contain Blue Cores and sometime Hyper Cores. If a crate is next to a Key Chip crate then it will most likely contain an Accessory or a Device.

RushRover 2017-03-13 13-26-56

Two crates surrounded by walls

Key Chip Crates Edit

In each area level, there will be 1 key chip crate. Key Chips allow the player to access higher leveled rooms. These special crates will contain a Key Chip which will enable the player to access higher leveled areas. In each area level, one key chip crate will appear.

Key Chip Crate

A Key Chip Crate looks different than a normal Crate

Map Data Downloader Edit

It will appear once randomly in a run. Pressing F will download the map for free, unlike the Explorer who will charge 20 Hyper Cores.

Map Data Downloader

An activated Map Data Downloader

Item Depots Edit

Item Depots are randomly found throughout a run. The player can open these by paying 20 Hyper Cores. Once opened, a random Weapon, Probe or Accessory will come out.

Item Depot

An unopened Item Depot

Small Building With Turrets Edit

Usually around area 4-5, the player will encounter a small building defended by Turrets. The inside of the building can only be accessed by destroying the Turrets if there is a door. Inside the building there will be an item on a pedestal, mostly upgrades obtainable by the Machinist, there is also a chance it could be a Ultra Chip.

Building 2

All pictures tell a story. unfortunately, this one didn't end very well...


A lonely turret can be found on this island

Destroyed Rover Edit

The player will often come across a Destroyed Ally Rover. Unfortunately, it isn't repairable, but the player can press F to inspect it and receive a random Weapon, Device, Probe, Accessory or an Ultra Chip.

Press F to pay respect

Debris Edit

The player will often come across piles of debris, presumably ally robots who got destroyed by the re-formatted robots.

Monuments Edit

The player will often come across a Monument. These Monuments are statues that name people that have supported the game, similar to credits.

Monument statue
AteBallEight Monument

Wiki Founder's statue