Overview Edit

Level up

Rover leveling up

Core Upgrade is the main way to power-up Rover in Rush Rover. After obtaining a specific amount of exp, the player will Level Up, granting them a Core to upgrade Weapons, Accessories, Devices and Probes. The Upgrade Menu can be accessed by pressing "E". Experience is obtained by collecting Blue Cores and Hyper Cores. Each Blue Core or Hyper Core will grant the player 5 exp. The maximum amount of Core Upgrades the player can have in a run is 18.

EXP Needed Per Level Edit

  • Core upgrade Menu

    Upgrade menu as seen in-game

    First Core Upgrade = 100 exp (20 Blue Cores)
  • Second Core Upgrade = 160 exp (32 Blue Cores)
  • Third Core Upgrade = 280 exp (56 Blue Cores)
  • Fourth Core Upgrade = 460 exp (92 Blue Cores)
  • Fifth Core Upgrade and above = 700 exp (140 Blue Cores)

Note that picking up an Active Device or Probe will level the player up by 1 but will not increase the exp required for the next Core Upgrade.