Blue Cores Edit

Blue Cores (BO for short) are the main way of getting experience in Rush Rover alongside with Hyper Cores. They take the appearance of small blue orbs. They can drop from Enemies, Crates and Guardians. Each BO will award 5 exp. See Core Upgrades for more info.

Small Enemies like Enemy 1 will award 4 BOs upon death, medium Enemies like Enemy 11 will award 6 upon death and large Enemies like Enemy 12 will award 8 upon death.

Blue orbs after boss

Blue Cores dropped after defeating a Guardian


Crates that drop Blue Cores and Hyper Cores

Hyper Cores Edit

Hyper Cores (HC for short) is Rush Rover's main currency. HC are used to buy things such as Accessories from the Fabricator. HC can be obtained from Crates, Enemies and Guardians. As of version 0.7.0 the player can keep a maximum of 500 HC after a run. The rest is transformed into extra points, awarded at the end of the run (after killing the Octo Guardian) or dying. The amount of points rewarded for extra HC is equal to ([Total HC - 500 HC] x 2)

Example : 515 HC, 15 x 2 = 30 points

Apparence of HyperCores

Appearance of Hyper Cores

Hyper Core Uses Edit