Overview Edit

The Beam Cannon is a Weapon that shoots a strong laser beam.

While shooting, the Beam Cannon will fire a large blue laser beam. The beam will do damage to any Enemy it touches, and cannot directly hit multiple enemies at once unless it is upgraded with an Ultra Chip. It can instantly take out most small Enemies, and can kill larger Enemies relatively quickly. The Beam Cannon has limited energy, and will steadily lose it while firing. Once it is out of energy, it will only be able to fire in short bursts. Energy will only recharge while Rover isn't firing it.

Tactics Edit

This weapon is a powerful option, outputting loads of damage with only minor drawbacks, making it good for fighting Guardians. Other that having limited range, it's limited energy isn't really a problem, since it recharges rather quickly. While in a fight, keep an eye on the energy bar under Rover's health bar. When it starts to get low, ducking behind cover momentarily can provide the time and safety to recharge. Limited range can be a problem, making Rover have to get closer to Enemies. Make dodging bullets more of a priority than doing damage, as the Beam Cannon already packs quite a punch.

Level Bonuses Edit

Each Core Upgrade will grant this weapon:

  • +2 damage
  • +200 energy
  • +2 ep recharge

Upgrading this weapon with an Ultra Chip will grant this weapon the ability to pierce through normal Enemies.

Notes Edit

  • The Ultra Chip upgrade will allow the Beam Cannon to hit multiple enemies at once, making crowd control much more important.
  • The only weakness besides limited energy is it's range, so using the Launcher can solve that problem.
  • The Ammo Box will give this Weapon more energy, but the Beam Cannon will take longer to recharge because of the added capacity.